Autumn 2021 World Class Tests (WCT)
Online Application

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Section 1: Details

WCT has two subjects: Mathematics and Problem Solving. Each online Application Form is for a single applicant. Only one age group should be chosen for any one subject.
The final venue and the test time slot assigned will be based on that shown on the Test Permit.


Please read carefully the following instructions before application.

  • A. Eligibility for Participation
    1. For Age 8-11 Group: Applicants with DOB on or after 1 November 2009 are eligible for the WCT Age 8-11 Group.
    2. For Age 12-14 Group: Applicants with DOB on or after 1 November 2006 are eligible for the WCT Age 12-14 Group.
    3. For Grade-skipping Group: Applicants aged under 12 CAN also challenge themselves by taking the Age 12-14 test but applicants who aged 12 or above SHOULD NOT apply for the WCT Age 8-11 Group.
  • B. Application procedures and payment methods
    1. Application should be made on or before the deadline date stated on this website (or while seats last). Payment is to be made at the time of the application (by Visa/Master/UnionPay, PPS, Alipay). The Test Permit will be available for download on this website within 5 working days from the first test date. Some of the personal information will be printed on the Certificates. It is the applicant’s responsibility to check and report to us if there is an error in the applicant information on the Test Permit for our corrections. If you still have not been able to download the Test Permit 3 days prior to the first test date, you are obliged to inform us.
  • C. Amendment of Information
    1. Amendment of personal information, subjects, age group, test language and/or test venue selection on the Application Form should be submitted to WCT in writing no later than 28 October 2021. An administrative fee of HK$300 will be charged for each request. Amendment to subjects, age group, test language and/or test venue selection are subject to availability of seats. Late submissions will not be processed. Requests to take the WCT at any time or venue other than the ones specified on the Test Permit, regardless of the reasons, will NOT be processed.
  • D. Results Announcement
    1. Results with Certificate (Distinction, Merit, Pass, Participated) and Skills Analysis Report will be sent to the applicant’s correspondence address by post tentatively on 28 January 2022. Certificate and Skills Analysis Report can only be re-issued with proof of change of personal information or loss/damage of Certificate and/or Skills Analysis Report. Re-issue requests must be made within 18 months from the test date. Please note that all requests received by WCT are considered on a case-by-case basis and we cannot guarantee the outcome. An administrative fee of HK$300 will be charged for each Certificate or Skills Analysis Report to be reprinted.
  • E. Refund Policy
    1. Once the application is successful and payment is received, there will be a 50% administrative fee imposed on refund request regardless of the reasons. Refund request should be submitted in writing to the WCT no later than 28 October 2021. Refund will be made by cheque within four months upon receipt of the request. There will be no refund for late requests. There will be no refund if the applicant fails to attend the scheduled tests regardless of the reasons. No alternative tests will be arranged.
  • F. Eligibility for WCA Elite Competition 2022
    1. Those attain Distinctions in both WCT Mathematics and Problem Solving in the same sitting in 2021 will be invited to join the World Class Arena Elite Competition to be held in early 2022 and contest the World Class Arena Gold Awards. Every contestant is eligible for 1 seat in the Competition. The grouping will be assigned according to the contestant’s age. Contestants aged 12 or above on 31 December 2021 will be assigned to Age 12-14 Group while contestants aged under 12 on 31 December 2021 will be assigned to Age 8-11 Group.
  • G. Other Remarks
    1. An applicant can only apply for the WCT once in the same sitting, either through school or public entry. For any case of double registration in both school entry and public entry, the candidate will be disqualified and all results will be voided.
Personal Information Collection Statement

Applicant’s personal data will be collected, held and used for the operations providing the relevant service and others properly and legitimately.

Section 2: Fill in Information
Candidate Information
School Information
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Application Information
Contact Information
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Section 3: Information Confirmation